Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Remember When...

1.  We had to answer the phone without knowing who was on the other end.

2.  All the stores were closed on Sunday.

3.  We had to set the VCR to tape our favorite shows.

4.  Dial-up was the only way to access the WWW.

5.  Car phones were the size of two bricks and at least as heavy as one.

6.  No one carried a backpack to school.

7. Bubble gum was a penny.
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8.  Your first TV remote had a wire.

9.  Microwaves were almost as large as a regular oven.

10. Doctors made house calls.

11.  We would "lay out" all day because we didn't know the sun could cause skin cancer.

12. We waited "in line" instead of spending all day online.

13. You had to go inside the restaurant to order food.

I hope this brings back some memories!
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  1. yep, and remember when you actually had to walk all the way over to the set to turn it on and then wait for it to warm up?


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