Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday Thirteen

My twins will be turning 22 in five days.  They share a birthday with the following people:

Derek Jeter- American Baseball Player

Jennette McCurdy - American Actress (iCarly, et. al.)

Jason Schwartzman - American Actor

Abner Doubelday - American Military Officer

Ariana Grande - American Singer

Nick Offerman - American Actor (Parks and Rec)

Pearl S. Buck - American Author (The Pearl)

Paul Castellano - American Gangster

Babe Didrickson Zaharias - American Athlete

Francisco Pizarro - Spanish Conquistador

Rudy Gobert - French Basketball Player (currently in NBA)

Chris Isaak - American Singer/Songwriter

American Actor

June 26 falls under the zodiac sign of Cancer.  These people are usually creative, and they're good at math and science.  They are serious until you get to know them, but when they let their guard down, they have a terrific sense of humor.  (From The Famous People, if you buy into the horoscope stuff.)

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  1. I share mine with Enya and ayatollah khomeini!

  2. That's quite the mix.

    You're twins are about the same age as my daughter. I'd forgotten that.


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