Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Random Thoughts and Coffee Chat

I'm linking up with Stacy for some Random Thoughts.

You know what's weird?  All during the week, I think of things I want to write, but instead of actually writing them down, I think, "I'll remember when it comes time."  But I don't!  I hate that my memory is not what it used to be.  There was a time when I didn't have to write things down, but that time is long past.

As I mentioned last week, the wedding is over, and it went so smoothly.  I may be biased, but I thought it was beautiful!  It gets so stressful when you're planning a big event, and when it's over, you can finally breathe more easily.  Here are a few shots of took.
The couple with the officiant
Dad/Daughter Dance
Some of the girls dancing

My twins
My twins will be 21 in one week.  I can't believe it!  I really wanted to do something special for them, but they'd rather be with their friends.  They're a little old to have a party anymore.  We will be going for lunch on their birthday and for dinner with their grandmother the day after.  I'm having a difficult time deciding what to get them, too.  Ideas?

And now, Coffee Chat with Rory Bore.
This week, our hostess says, " Shameful!!!   Come on, fess up!  We all have a book, movie, or song... maybe even celebrity crush that we are a bit ashamed to say we love!   I'm listening. "

Books - My favorite genre is crime thrillers.  They are sometimes a little graphic or gruesome, but I love them.  And no, they don't scare me.  For example,  Along Came a Spider and First to Die, both by James Patterson, or Carved in Bone by Jefferson Bass.  On the flip side, I don't watch scary movies.
  There is a song that always gets me dancing:  Love Train by the O'Jays.  It never fails to make me smile.  I secretly wish I could perform a lip sing routine to this song for someone!

There is one other song that I'm a little ashamed to admit I like.  It's the song Fantastic Man that is playing on the iPhone Portrait Mode commercial.   I have no idea what they're saying, but it's got such a catchy beat!

I honestly can't think of anything else that I am ashamed to admit I love.  I'm pretty comfortable with my nerdiness.

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  1. James Patterson is great - nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of there! I don't mind reading if it's graphic, but I had to eventually give up on shows like CSI and Criminal Minds because they just seemed to get too graphic. Which is weird since I do like The Walking Dead..??? I guess the autopsy stuff just seems to real, while I know Zombies are not real at all.
    That is such a catchy tune!!


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