Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Someday - Thursday Thirteen

Today's post is brought to you by Wishful Thinking!

13 statements to complete "Someday..."
1. Someday I want to publish a piece of writing.
2. Someday I want a career other than teaching.

3. Someday I want my ex and his wife to quit gossiping about me. (One can dream, right?)
4. Someday I want to see my dad again. I guess that will be in Heaven.
5. Someday I want to sleep ALL DAY without feeling guilty about it.

6. Someday I want to feel thin.
7. Someday I want a hot tub and deck in my back yard, maybe even a pool.
8. Someday I would like to hire a housekeeper.
9. Someday I want to win an award voted by my peers.
10.Someday I would like to go to Europe (like my daughter).

11.Someday I want to sing and dance in front of an audience.
12.Someday I would like to plan another surprise party.
13.Someday I hope I don't have to worry about money.

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  1. The whole is greater than the some of its parts?

  2. With you on 10 and 13, which kind of go together, and there are days I would absolutely love a hot tub. My T13

  3. Maybe you could hire a housekeeper occasionally. That is what I do. It helps.


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