Wednesday, February 03, 2016

13 from the UK

My daughter is taking classes from her American university in England for the semester.  She lives in Oxford and gets to travel to London fairly often.  She will also visit Bath, England and many other places in the UK during her semester.  Here are 13 photos she has taken.

Yes, an Abraham Lincoln statue in England!
Whoops!  I have 14!
How many of these do you recognize?

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  1. What an exciting adventure. Hopefully you'll get to visit and share in the fun. I appreciate you sharing with us.

  2. My son came home with a "Mind the Gap" T shirt. So, they keep the phone booths around. Do they work? I recognize the fish and chips and had mine wrapped in newspaper when I was there in the '70s.

  3. What a wonderful adventure for her! Isn't that some famous phone booth, from Dr. Who or Harry Potter or something?

  4. Thanks for sharing your daughter's pics! :)

  5. They really convey that old world feel.


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