Sunday, April 06, 2014

It's Prom Season!

We've done very well planning for senior prom on April 26.
For my daughter:
dress - check
makeup - check
jewelry - check
shoes - check
alterations - check
hair appointment - check
dinner reservations - check
flowers - not yet
date?  Iffy.  That's a whole different post, though!

My son had a date, but she got in some kind of trouble, and now she can't go, so he's not going to go, either.  That makes me sad.  I can't convince him to ask someone else or to go with a group of friends. I guess it's just not important to him.  Do you think he will regret it?  I know my daughter would.


  1. Awh! It is too bad her parents took the prom away.

  2. I never went to prom. My junior year I didn't have a boyfriend, and nobody asked me. I had a boyfriend my senior year, and we planned to go, but he was in the army reserves and got sent away to duty right before prom. It was UNHEARD OF to go without a date, so I didn't go.

    I was sad to have missed it, but I survived!


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