Thursday, January 23, 2014

Winter Storm Brewing

That's an oxymoron!  Winter... brewing.  Get it?  It's the little things that make me smile.  There's a winter storm whipping up outside right now.  We had 70 degree weather Wednesday.  It was 67 when I left for work Thursday, and now, Thursday evening, it's 38 degrees already.  Gotta love Texas weather!  There's a lot of wind.  I can hear it blowing while I sit in the recliner playing on my computer (hope the power doesn't go out!).  It's raining softly now.  It will likely start to rain harder and turn to sleet soon.  Our school district, which rarely cancels school for hurricanes or ice storms, is delaying school by two hours tomorrow.  That tells me it's going to get much worse!  I've got my fingers crossed that we can just stay home tomorrow.  That would be grand!  But hey, two hours later is two hours, right?  I wonder how I'll spend my two extra hours not having to be at work... That's easy!  Sleep!  And my car is safely parked in the garage in case we have any major ice.  Stay safe out there!

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