Monday, February 04, 2013

Winterguard-First Competition of the 2013 Season!

First it was FFA, raising a goat, sponsoring committees, fundraising, etc. and I still have to do some of that stuff, but I'm off to my fourth season as a "Guard Mom" chaperoning contests and chauffering my daughter to practices.  And in case you don't know what Winterguard is, it's the Color Guard field team dancing and spinning flags, rifles, and sabers to music.  It's big here in Texas!

Their first contest was held Saturday, February 2nd (wasn't that Groundhog Day, too?  I didn't get to "celebrate" it!  LOL).  Out of 13 guards in their class, they won third place.  Pretty good for the first competition, because as the season goes on, the show keeps getting better.  This show wasn't perfect.  There were a few drops, etc.  but it was great!  The first time I see their show is always fabulous!  I always think, "I never knew she could do that!" or "I'm so impressed!"

Anyway, here's the video, just a little shaky, and really only showing half the floor because I wanted to keep my camera on my daughter the whole time, and my camera doesn't have a wide enough angle to shoot the whole gym, unless I got at the very top.  Then, it would be diffcult to see who's who.  Oh, well.  Enjoy Subscribe in a reader


  1. Awesome! I love when you post these videos.

  2. I love watching your guard post. The team is good and it such a pretty show.

  3. So cool! Thanks for sharing. I was so impressed! I have never seen a flag routine like that! Your girl did a great job. :)


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