Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Humans are able to detect thousands of different smells due to odor-detecting patches in our nasal passages. Studies show that pleasant fragrances, those that evoke positive memories, can affect your mood. Here are thirteen “smells” that I consider pleasant, in no particular order.

1. Lavender Chamomile from the Sleep line from Bath and Body Works
2. Clinique Happy Heart
3. Strawberry Rhubarb candles by PartyLite
4. Home Sweet Home fragrance from Scentsy
5. Beauty by Elizabethe Arden (sadly discontinued)
6. Cucumber Melon, any type, any company
7. Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works
8. Cedar Patchouli candles by PartyLite
9. Chocolate Cake (not a scent, but the actual cake while it’s baking and when it’s ready to eat)
10. Bread Baking at Subway
11. Juniper Breeze from Bath and Body Works
12. Old Spice Swagger body spray or deodorant
13. Stargazer Lillies

Want to play along?  Visit Thursday Thirteen.


  1. I'm not much in to flowery smells, but I LOVE the smell of chocolate cake baking in the oven!

  2. I agree - cucumber melon always smells good.

    My favourite scent is Drakkar Noir (on my man of course) but my favourite flower smell is lilac...mmmm!!

  3. Sandalwood. Cedar. Many more, eh?
    cool list. I'm with you on cake.

  4. Just about any sort of baking is wonderful, but also things simmering on the stove (savory things, not veggies).

    I wish someone could bottle my hubby's scent - it's unique to him (he doesn't wear cologne), and I miss it so much when we're apart in summertime...

    Lovely list!

  5. There's a cocoa-smelling lotion. I'm using it and I love it. ;)

  6. I am not much on scents because of my allergies, but I think the smell of chocolate chip cookies baking is about the best in the world. What a great post!

  7. Due to allergies I cannot abide flowery scents, but love the smell of anything baking, be it chocolate cake, bread, brownies or lasagna. The smell from a nearby restaurant's grill isn't bad, either. My blog

  8. Sweet Pea has been popular for a long time.

    Have a great t-13


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