Thursday, October 13, 2011

Friday Confessional

Time to link up with Mamarazzi and confess it all!

I confess...

I need to schedule my teenage kids to get flu shots, and I keep forgetting.  My son had the flu last year, and it was not pretty.  I get mine every year since I work with kids.

I confess...

I'm taking two "sick" days at the end of the month to drive to Atlanta to watch my daughter perform at a competition.  And I confess, I'm taking my son (and husband) with me.  Yes, he will have to miss two days of school, but this isn't something we often have the opportunity to do.  Actually, we never have!  I realize I'm a teacher, and I'm taking my own child out of school, but it is what it is!

I confess...

I had planned to take off work this past Monday - it marked exactly 7 years since my dad passed away,  so I wanted to stay home and be alone for a while.  But since I had to take off last Friday for my bother-in-law's mother's funeral, I didn't feel like I should take off Monday as well.  Drats!  You'd think after 7 years I would be able to deal with my grief okay, and I think I can, but I just don't want to!

And I confess...

I sometimes use More Words to help me find a word when I am playing Scrabble on Facebook.  It's probably cheating, but sometimes I use it.


  1. Personally I feel all of these are good things.

    Taking the time off school to see the competiton will be expercing things as a family and taking time off for your grief is good too.

    It might be 7 years now but it doesn't always make it easier. Take care sweetie.

  2. I always wonder if my opponents are "cheating" when we play. I don't really care, I guess. Happy Friday!

  3. I can never come up with words for scrabble, so I don't play. I'd have to cheat to get anywhere in that game.

  4. I think that we all deal with our grief differently. You shouldn't stress about that too much! Take the time you need!


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