Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Chronicles of New York: The Lady, the Witch, and the Subway.

Thursday 13
13 things I'd like to do if I ever visit New York again.

1.  The Theater.  We saw Wicked, and it was fabulous!  There were several shows we were interested in seeing.
2.  The Statue of Liberty - Impressive!  I would take a picnic over to the island with me and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

3.  Central Park - I would have loved to have more time to explore.

4.  Sarge's Deli - Loved everything we ate there, and we ate there three times.  It was also easy walking distance from our hotel.

5.  Grand Central - Beautiful!  I would like to have more time to explore and photograph.
6.  Times Square - Definitely where the action is!
7.  Dueling Pianos Bar - This was such fun!  Singing, drinking, laughing.  What a blast!

8.  Ellen's Stardust Diner - The waiters and waitresses (Broadway hopefuls) sing when they are not serving.  This place was a lot of fun.
9.  World Trade Center - We didn't get to see this except from outside the construction gates, but I would love to walk through and see the progress that has been made and the memorials to the fallen.
10.  Little Italy - There isn't much to it, but you can get great Italian food!
11.  Il Violina Tratoria- My husband's uncle took us here, and the food was scrumptious.  There was also a nice ambiance.

12.  St. Patrick's Cathedral - awe-inspiring.  Some of the most beautiful architecture, and such a spiritual place to visit.
13.  Walking Across the Brooklyn Bridge - Great photo opportunities, beautiful scenery, and excercise all rolled into one!

I hope I get to go back someday!
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  1. St. Patrick's was always a must every time we visited the city. Though not Catholic, I always lit a candle on each visit. Did you get to the top of the Empire State Building? That is always a must for me.

  2. Oh what a wonderful 13 today! St. Patrick's looks like it is breath taking. I loved all of your points and hope some day to experience it as well. A real broadway show in New York and Wicked too! Lucky lucky!

  3. I didn't get to do everything either last time I went. I'll be back next summer though.

    Have a great rest of your Thursday!

  4. St Patricks is just awe inspiring and what food Sarges OMG sandy

  5. I have yet to ever visit New York, but you definitely make it look appealing! :)

    Happy T13,

    My Week

  6. i wish i can go to new york some day. amen.


  7. You make me wanna visit New York again, I haven't done all your thirteen things. (We saw Wicked in Chicago, it was fabulous)


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