Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

On May 6, I listed 13 Things I Wanted to Buy... Soon. Here's my update.

1. Living room furniture from Rooms to Go.

2. A new rug for the living room from Home Depot.

3. A screen to put between the bath and bedroom area. Got one from CSN Stores Online, but it didn't work out, so we're back to square one on this.

4. A trampoline for my daughter's birthday, 14 foot round from Academy. No, this isn't our back yard, but the trampoline looks like this.

5. A new refrigerator from GE.

6. A new coat rack - Still haven't made a decision about this.

7. New bar stools for the house - we've decided we don't need these.

8. A new stool to use at school - My husband thinks he can fix the one I have now.

9. A doggie bed for Rocky from Walmart.

10. Lamps for the bedroom - We have one that we like that came from Target, but we still have to get the second one.

11. A gas grill - We changed our minds and decided to keep using charcoal (don't hate us for being environmentally unfriendly). We love the taste of a charcoal grill.

12. A new dishwasher from GE (employee discount program) and a convection/microwave oven and a new range which weren't part of my original 13)

13. Metal wall art - I still haven't gotten this. I've looked at Kirkland's and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Not sure where else to look, so I'm open to suggestions.

Happy Thursday 13!


  1. okay, hope you can buy them all, soon :)

  2. Hope you get them all too. We just got a new fridge as ours was playing up and would shut off all the time.


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