Saturday, December 19, 2009

Camera Critters

Here's Lacy, who loves to climb the tree. Yes, she climbs the pole (we have an artificial tree this year), and she sits in the branches. Wish I had my camera ready for that one, but here she is under it instead. The tree is not fit for pictures after all of her climbing! Silly cat!

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  1. Ah ... cats luv Christmas stuph and can get into all kinds of trouble! What pretty eyes she has ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,
    Holiday Critters

  2. SWEET kitty!
    They do so love the trappings of Christmas eh?!

  3. Nice Catch. Love your critter. Hope you can find time to visit mine.

  4. my cats never liked the tree but the dogs love to lay underneath

  5. I saw your link in Camera Critters, so I thought I'd come visit. I think I am your competition when it comes to being forgetful. I am 57 and sometimes wonder how much memory I will have left when I'm a number of years older.

    Your cat looks very comfortable there. She's going to have to find a new place to hang out after Christmas.

  6. What a cute kittie! Merry Christmas!


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