Sunday, September 16, 2007

Collecting (for Sunday Scribblings)

A few of my Dreamsicles

Some women collect teapots
Other people collect rocks
Some men compare their belts
To see who has a notch.

Some like collecting pennies
Instead of giving them to the poor
Folks also collect spoons and stamps
While others think that’s a bore.

Me? I am a collector.
I have a cabinet-full
Of haloed-angel-babies
That are so meaningful.

Dreamsicles, they are
And I have had them for years.
Each one means something different
Some even bring on tears.

There’s soccer, rainbows, gymnasts,
Friends and family, too.
Membership only figurines,
Having just one won’t do.

The ones that are most cherished
Are the ones about my twins
They remind me every day that
Children are where my life begins.


tumblewords said...

Dreamsicles. Nice poem about a lovely collection. The notched belt made me laugh.

Patois said...

Beautiful poem. First funny then touching.

Liza's Eyeview said...

Lovely collection....

first time I've heard of Dreamsicles - they are beautiful - worth collecting :) - worthy of the nice poem you've composed about them.


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