Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Like many women, I hate my hair. I seem to have more bad hair days than good ones. Those of us with thin hair want thick, luscious strands. Those with thick hair often get tired of having it thinned. Those of us with straight hair would give our eyeteeth to have flowing, curling locks. Those with curly hair spend countless hours straightening it. It really makes no sense.

I have shoulder length dishwater blonde hair (I always hated that term “dishwater”) with remnants of light blonde highlights. I tried my style with no bangs for a long while. I had to face the fact that my forehead is not pretty enough to go without bangs. And I let my hair become fairly long, but it only looked stringy, and I developed dry, split ends.

My hair is thin and getting thinner with age, thus the title “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.” At the rate it’s going, I could be bald in a year! It is also straight (read – flat). Hairdressers with thick hair are always trying to get me to layer it. It doesn’t work. That is why I had the same hairdresser for about fifteen years. She had hair like mine, and she was able to give me flattering styles with minimal fuss. She was also the only one who could get my highlights exactly right. But, she decided to quit her business and enjoy life. My hair misses her mucho.

I’ve always wanted to try a daring, new color, but I am chicken. How about a glossy, chestnut brown or a fiery red? What would be totally amazing would be to be able to choose the style, type, and color of my hair. If I could do that, I would choose a silky shade of dark brunette or a carrot-orange mop of shiny curls. If I could choose any style, it would have to be one with versatility. Long and flowing with soft waves. A pretty updo or twist for the night life. A ponytail for lazy summer days at the beach.

But, alas, these are things than cannot be changed, so I must learn to be content with what I have. I suppose there are far worse things than not liking your hair.


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Good thoughts on your relationship with your hair. So sorry about the loss of your hairdresser... I hope you find a stylist and a style that continues to suit.

  3. I'm not one who cares about her hair, but I'm sure I've got another issue that bothers me. The forehead, the freckles, the sweat. It's always something. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You hair looks good in that picture..:)

  5. Oh, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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