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I have a dilemma... 2 actually. I am a sixth grade teacher, and my twins are going into sixth grade this year. It is the only time we will ever have the opportunity to be in the same school. They are not zoned to go to my school, but a different intermediate school in our district where all of their friends are going. I believe my school is better academically, but they won't know anyone going in. I will have to drop them off for school almost an hour early every day, and someone will have to pick them up about 15 minutes after school gets out every day. We don't have bus service, yet it's not really close enough to walk, and it's through some tough intersections for bicycles. Anyway, if they go to my school, they will ride with me every day. If they need me during the day, I will be there. I can keep an eye on them.

Down side: I will have to work with teachers who have my children in their classes, and there is a fine line between being a co-worker and being a parent. Some teachers want to come and tell you things you don't want to know, while others don't want to tell you anything, and you have to maintain a different sort of professionalism in this situation. Another down side is will they get "made fun of" being a teacher's kid? I don't know. Probably not, but who can be sure? And another is that all of their friends are going to the other school.

I have tried to leave the decision up to them, but they are having a hard time deciding, too. They want to be with their friends, and they want to be with mom. What are your opinions?

The other issue is a step-daughter who is going into high school. She is zoned for a different school than her sister just graduated from. Supposedly, there are some bad neighborhoods zoned to the one she should be at, and it is farther away, (figure that one out!). She would have a ride to school every day if she goes to the one she's zoned to go to. If she goes to the one her sister went to, supposedly, there are people who are more socially acceptable, but there is also stiffer academic competition. Her dad would have to take her every morning, and we would have to ask her grandparents to pick her up every day. Personally, I think that's an imposition, but they did it for their other grandaughter. Most of her friends are going to the school we're zoned to including some upper-classmen she already knows, but a few people she knows are going to the one her sister went to. It's all very confusing. Any advice?


  1. As a person who doesn't have children, I'm not sure this will be very helpful. However, what I'm about to recommend I strongly believe.

    First, YOU are the parent. You pay their bills. You buy their clothes. You teach them right from wrong. You show them the way. With that being said, ultimately it should be YOUR decision. It's ok to receive input from them. Sure. But, until they are able to make it on their own, you need to make the decision that is best for them considering every factor.

    If it were me, based on your description of the transportation issues in and of itself for your two 6th graders, I would let them go to your school. It's considerably more convenient for you and it sounds like your school academically is the better of the two.

    As for being made fun of, working with teachers who have your children in their classrooms, or them not making any friends, truthfully....I don't think you need to worry about all of that. Sure, you may hit some bumps in the road, every now and then yeah, they may get picked on. BUT, if you look at the whole picture, a better education and more family time or after school activity time even, is much more beneficial than getting up an hour earlier for school in the morning. That's just nuts, in my humble opinion. Your children will make friends. They aren't too old to be that concerned about self image and besides, it doesn't necessarily mean they can't see their friends from their other school some of the time either. Working with the teachers won't be as bad as you are perceiving it to be. Just state your boundaries with them BEFORE they begin teaching your children. I taught my co-teachers child last year. She taught her own kid too. It worked out fine!

    As for the older daughter, if the grandparents don't mind transporting, then go for it. It sounds like a better school for her even if it's more academically challenging. Again, you're the parent (even if a step-parent), education should come before all else. Everything else will fall into place when it's supposed to.

    Bottom line, you are the parent! Make the best decision for your kids based on what you believe. They WILL thank you when all is said and done. THAT, I promise you. I did. I fought tooth and nail with my father growing up about all kinds of things. I look back and I realize he was right MOST of the time. :-) And I tell him as much too.

    Prayers will be lifted as you make your decisions.

  2. I don't have anything particularly wise to say, but I did want to say "thanks" for stopping by my blog and commenting.

    Our school zones are also kind of crazy (bussing to the junior high when there's one a block away) after recent residential development. I hope you are able to come to a decision that will work for all (or most!) of you.

  3. That's a tough decision. I taught at my daughter's Kindergarten school. I was teaching higher grades so it wasn't a problem. I loved being there for her and it certainly made transportation easier.

    I'm sure you'll make the best decision given all the information you have!


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