Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kisses - Sunday Scribblings

"A kiss is just a kiss."

I'm not really sure what that means. Well, that's not true. Of course it means that a kiss is not a promise or guarantee of any kind. It's just a kiss.

To me, a kiss is the sweetest token of affection. There is nothing sweeter than a kiss from your little boy or little girl. There will be a time when your child no longer wants to kiss you, especially in front of "the friends." Those kissable moments are to be cherished.

And what about the sweet baby kisses you give your newborn?

Then, there is the tender kiss of passion. That moment that you anticipate when the lips will touch, and sparks will fly, and lives forever will be altered. Truly - you can't tell me that a kiss is just a kiss.

And what of that last kiss? The one you didn't know was going to be the last kiss? Bittersweet it is to think of it now.

Go get those kisses now! Time goes by. You never know when that one sweet kiss will be the last.


  1. A really lovely look at all the things that kisses can mean.
    And the bit about the "last kiss"...spine chilling!

    Well done :)

  2. Yes thinking of those last kisses you didn't know were going to be last kisses are bittersweet.
    Take care,

  3. That was really wonderful- I can still remember those last kisses I shared with my dad before he passed. They are precious to me...

  4. I too don't quite understand the phrase "a kiss is just a kiss" because to me a "kiss is more than a kiss". Thanks for the reminder to kiss (and get kissed) by our loved ones :)

  5. What a thoughtful post, Diana! A kiss ISN'T just a kiss. It's so much more and it always puts a smile on my face each time.

    Hugs and kisses to you my far away friend.... :-)

  6. I love this post! Truly insightful and beautiful!

  7. So true. Reminds me of my one of my son's favorite Golden Books "Where Do Kisses Come From." :)

  8. Aww, this post was so sweet. Very true. Sharing love, not just aroudn the holidays, but any time of year is so special and important.

  9. I kiss the face of my sweet new baby boy constantly because I know it won't be long before he pushes me away when I try to hug and kiss him.I love his sweet soft face.

  10. Yes, I think sometimes what if my hubby didn't come home from work today. Did I kiss him like I should have? Or was it a quick goodbye. I should try harder to to make it meaningful!

  11. Congrats on three year blogversary



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