Sunday, December 17, 2006

Anticipation for Sunday Scribblings

Anticipation - that feeling inside, much like suspense, that makes the tummy fluttery. Anxious? Patient? Experiencing dread? Experiencing nervousness? Experiencing all the possibilities, good or bad? All anticipation.

Take, for instance, a dinner date. It's not a regular dinner date. He orders wine. We're dressed in our Sunday best. We're at a pricey restaurant that we both love, soft music playing in the background. The conversation is lively. He appears a bit giddy and nervous. It's as if we are alone is this crowded room basking in each other's glow. This is no ordinary dinner.

Is he going to ask me to marry him tonight? It can't be. Frankly, I haven't been expecting this to happen, though I am elated at the thought. It's a feeling deep in my soul that tells me tonight is the night. Now I tell myself: Act surprised when he proposes!

So many questions run through my mind. Will he have a ring? Will I like it? When will he want to have the wedding? What kind? Who will be invited? What will we wear? How will we all (blending two families) adjust to each other? How do I know that's what's going on here? Could I be wrong? No. Women's intuition. I know, but the suspense is killing me!

A glass of wine, a salad, bread, Italian entrees, more wine. I know in my soul this is it. The anticipation makes it so much better, more exciting. The heart is thumping loudly when he says my name with a particular tone of love and seriousness. He asks. Of course, I say yes! We're not school kids anymore, but the anticipation of this was more meaningful the second time around. Words do not do justice to the thrill of it all.


  1. "Act surprised..."

    Now, this is easier said than done. Glad it ended with the positive anticipation happening.

  2. This is totally off-topic but I saw that you like Mrs. Mike. I read this book as a kid and saw it reprinted last year and vaguely remembered liking it a lot so I reread it and realized why I liked it. It is not a well known book so it is nice to see someone else who enjoys it.

  3. At first I thought you meant my writing was off topic! I read that book at my grandmother's house when I was about ten. I re-read it, along with the sequel, last year and enjoyed it once again.


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