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Run, Rose, RunRun, Rose, Run by Dolly Parton
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I was pleasantly surprised by this book! At times it was a little hokey, corny, or cheesey. I felt the authors (Patterson and Parton) tried a little too hard to give it that "aw, shucks" country feel. But getting past that, it was a good story that was told quite well.

AnnieLee Keyes shows up in Nashville hoping to make it big in the country music industry. It is easy to tell that she is running from something in her past, but the reader will not know exactly what until near the end. Thankfully, the story has a satisfying resolution.

AnnieLee meets Ethan Blake at a honkey tonk where she asks to get onstage and sing during "open mic" time. Ethan is mesmerized by Annie with the first notes out of her mouth. He also happens to know the owner of the bar, Ruthanna Ryder who also happens to be a retired country music star. Eventually, as much as AnniLee will let her, Ruthanna takes her under her wing and tries to guide her in her quest for country music stardom. Things are going well for AnnieLee until her past catches up with her.

The story is a good mix of description about how the music industry operates with a little humor stirred in with the drama. As I was reading, Ruthanna Ryder always conjured images of Reba McEntire in my head, yet I'm wondering now if I was supposed to be picturing Dolly Parton. Well, it doesn't matter.

This is a fast-paced book with dynamic characters, a well-developed plot, and an actual ending. It is also less grizly that some of Patterson's other books.

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