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Sunday Synopsis-The Other Husband


The Other HusbandThe Other Husband by Kathryn Croft
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is centered around two couples, mainly the two females of the couples, but their husbands do play into the thickness of the plot. Abby and Sienna meet at an exercise class and become BFFs in no time. Out of the blue, Sienna suggests they swap spouses for a night. What normal couple in their right minds thinks that is a good idea? But they all go along with it.

Sienna's husband Greg (a doctor) goes home with Abby while Sienna and Abby's husband make small talk then go their separate ways to sleep. Something happens between Greg and Abby that night. Sienna can tell there is something wrong, then Greg goes missing.

Sienna thinks maybe he has just left her, but he doesn't report to work when his vacation is over. She also knows that Abby knows more than she's saying and now Abby is avoiding her. Eventually, of course, she finds the truth, but the "truth" (in my opinion) was a little too unrealist for this book to have much credibility.

As I was reading, I realized I didn't really like any of the characters. Which one was I supposed to be sympthateic toward? In the end it all made sense, but it didn't. I think the author tried too hard to write something similar to Gone Girl, but she's only half the author Gillian Flynn is.

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  1. Trading husbands! Not something anyone i know would even dream about doing. It does sound far-fetched, although i know it happens.


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