Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Hey! It's a Random Happy Tuesday!


And I'm on time!  I can't believe it!

I was talking to my son last night, and for some reason, I was thinking it was Friday and he would be off for the weekend.  Friday!  How did I think it was Friday when it was Monday?  I'll tell you how!  I feel like I've been so busy with paperwork, bills, keeping mom's finances and taxes, and new physical/health issues that have arisen, trying to take care of my home, cook a few meals, while also trying to start a craft business, and occasionally help my husband with his dad, and, well, I'm busy! I don't know what day it is most of the time!

While I'm in the car running errands or going to my mom's, I tend to fire up Spotify and listen to podcasts instead of music lately.  I especially like the Dateline podcast, and there is one called Morbid that one of our daughters has me hooked on.  But I also found one about Texas crime called Outlaws and Scorned Women.  I was specifically looking for a podcast about the Todville Mansion Murder in Seabrook in the early 80's, and that was where I found it.  If you like true crime, you should check all of these out! (Side note:  this is not the same as the horror movie The House on Todville Road, which is fiction.  This one most definitely was real.)

The front of the mansion.  It had a 1/4 mile driveway leading up to it.

The mansion came up in conversation with DH while we were taking a walk in Seabrook this weekend.  We were only a few blocks down the street from where the horror happened. 

The spiral staircase leads from the garage to the second floor cat walk that joins the 2 wings of the house.
This photo was taken long after the murder when everything had already been removed besides the actual structure.

Here's the short version:  Convicted sex offender from Ohio (Bill List) moves to Texas after he serves time and loses his wife and kids.  He starts a tractor-trailer business and gets rich during the oil boom.  He builds the ugliest 4300 square foot "home" you've ever seen complete with bars on all the windows on a plot of land adjacent to Galveston Bay.  This guy likes to cruise Montrose (an area known for gays, homeless, and drug addicts in the 80's) looking for young men to live out his sexual deviancy (BDSM) and keeps them on as houseboys till he is either tired of them or they of him. He picks up the wrong dude one night and ends up dead in his prison home a few days later.  The perpetrators are caught by the next day.
The killer "confessed" before actually committing the murder. This was written on a wall in the home.

Whew!  Yes, that was the short version!  Anywho... the podcast was informative, and it's interesting to read about things that happen near where you live.  So, on we go...

How many of these can you name?

This is valid!

This is definitely me!!!!!

And just so you know I have other interests...

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  1. Mom has always liked those true murder tales starting with books and then the TV shows. After one of our dog trainers was murdered, things changed. Her story has been on shows like Dateline, etc, it gets kind of creepy when it is so close to home and someone you knew. Mom still watches the shows sometimes, though.

  2. You made me chuckle more than once. I'm with you on these true crime tales. I listen to them all the time. We're sick, but in a good way.

    Take some time for you. I remember taking care of parents. Wish I could again. I miss them.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  3. I lose track of days, too. There's just too much going on.

    Thanks for the laughs!


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