Wednesday, February 05, 2020

Random Tuesday (barely)

I'm late, but it's still Tuesday for 22 minutes, so I'm going to link up with Stacy for some random fun.

Well, I didn't watch the Superbowl, but I have an excuse.  I was at work.  The game was over about15 minutes after I got home.  I saw part of the half-time show in bits and pieces, but now YouTube has the full show.

I had heard it was good, but I had also heard it was not a "family" performance.  What did you think?

The baby shower on Saturday went well.  It was a co-ed shower, but most of the older men didn't really want to be there, but we did get them to do a few activities.  Much of their time was spent outside with the dos, though.  LOL

Some activities we used:  paint a bib or a onsie, guess the gender of the baby (although no one will know until it's born), The Price is Right, Baby Trivia, Guess the number of M&Ms in the baby bottle, and Late Night Diaper Messages.  Oh, and gifts, of course.  And food.  It was fun, and I think the couple enjoyed it as well.
The daddy-to-be's mom.

I really have to get serious about the upcoming wedding in November.  We have 91/2 months to secure a reception video, wedding gown, bridesmaids and groomsman attire, mother-of-the-bride attire, florist, photographer, and caterer.  Hopefully the caterer and the cake will be part of the venue.  They have secured the date and the ceremony space, so we've had a little progress.

I'm getting ready to leave for a long scrapbooking weekend, Thursday through Sunday, and I can't wait!  First, I have to work a shift tomorrow, then leave the next day.  It's been too long.  I wish we could do 2 or 3 a year.  We started our annual trip (my sister and I) the year my father died.  It brings us closer.

And now...

I love puns!

Sad, but true!
Huge cake fail!

Have a great week!

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  1. That baby shower looks like so much fun! And the food spread looks yummy! Isn't it funny how coed events (whether parties or showers or whatever) the dudes always migrate outside and leave the ladies in the house? :)

    I'm looking forward to reading all about your long fun scrap-booking weekend!

    9-1/2 months is going to fly by - better get busy! ;)

    Your funnies are hysterical!! That Toy Story cake though - what on god's green earth??? :)


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