Monday, November 04, 2019

Random Tuesday

October finally ended!  I thought it would be forever!

  I have 29 more school days until retirement.  Yes, I'm counting!  I've got so many plans!  Well, ideas anyway, not necessarily actual plans.  I am going to keep my part-time job for a while - to give me a little extra income.  Plus I like it, and I get a discount on craft supplies!  Win-win in my book.

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Oh, baseball, where is thy sting?  Just borrowing from Shakespeare to describe our sadness that the Astros lost.  It's so crazy that neither team won on their own home field!  That's what you call home field DISadvantage!

We are trying to decide where to go to watch our Rockets play this season.  We've been to Dallas and Memphis so far.  If your city has a basketball team, and you think we should visit your city, leave me a comment below.  Some ideas we've had so far include Toronto, Boston, and Charlotte.

And now...

Yeah, I know Halloween is over, but this is funny!

I'm pretty sure this is universal.
My kind of pun, my kind of snack!
Have a great week, and come link up with Stacy!

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  1. Yep, husband brain is just like that. Thanks for the laughs, and i am so sorry about your team losing.


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