Monday, December 18, 2017

Tuesday Random

I'm linking up with Stacy's Random Tuesday.

Oh, what a week!  I woke up Thursday morning, the day I needed to leave to drive to Abilene 6 1/2 hours away for my daughter's college graduation, and I had the worst sore throat I've ever had!  But I pushed through it.  Finally got home Saturday evening, and I was in bad shape.  I didn't get out of my pajamas all day Sunday.  Didn't go to work Monday.  But I am ready to tackle Tuesday!  Finally feeling a little better.

My baby graduated with her BBA in Management.  I'm so proud of her!  Her twin brother has finally decided what he wants to do, so he is about a year and a half or two behind her.  But he's at my alma mater, so I'm happy about that.

I've gotten very little Christmas shopping done this year.  Money has been so tight.  Paying for two college educations, two rents, and so on.  Besides, it doesn't even feel like Christmas because it's unseasonably warm, and we have to be in school until December 22.  And even though my daughter has graduated, she still isn't home yet.  She's helps me so much!

I've been watching a lot of the Hallmark Christmas movies.  They are predictable, yes, but they also make me happy.  There's no shame in it, or shouldn't be, according to this article.  This was my favorite movie that I watched yesterday.
And this is one I watched last week that I really liked.
Of course I also like to watch Elf, White Christmas, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and It's a Wonderful Life.  Quite an eclectic group, I think!  What are your favorite holiday shows?

Have a great week!

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