Wednesday, November 29, 2017

What a Girl Wants

What a girl wants, what a girl needs... I bet you sang that!
This is my take, based on relationships I've been in and others that I've seen, of some things that makes girls happy, and things that don't.  These are not necessarily in order.

What a girl wants
1.  To be loved, wholly and completely.
2.  To be cherished.
3.  To be number one.
4.  To be hugged daily.
5.  To be kissed.
6.  To be publicly acknowledged with love.
7.  To hold hands.
8.  To have her opinion respected.
9.  To feel valued.
10. To matter.
11. To be included.
12. To be appreciated.
13. To have promises kept.

What a girl doesn't want
1.  To be ignored.
2.  To be made fun of.
3.  To be taken advantage of.
4.  To be demeaned.
5.  To be controlled.
6.  To be lied to.
7.  To be spoken down to.
8.  To feel unimportant.
9.  To be called negative.
10. To be treated like a child.
11. To feel like an obligation.
12. To be left out.
13. To be business partners only.

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  1. Well, in some cases you might want to be business partners only. But not a marriage. Great list and a good way to deal with the headlines of the day.

  2. this is a great list for guys. More of them need to read it. Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


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