Monday, May 23, 2016

Random Tuesday and Coffee Chat

Stacy's Random Thoughts

The other night, I was suffering from a pretty severe stomach ache.  I used double doses of Maalox and Tums, but I wasn't convinced they were going to help much.  I didn't just have stomach upset or indigestion, I had pain in my belly.  So, my husband told me that his brother claims apple cider vinegar would help.  I looked it up online, and lo, and behold, it is one of the things you can do with apple cider vinegar. Against my better judgment, I tried it.
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It was disgusting! You know that smell when you are dying Easter eggs?  I
felt like I had swallowed the whole egg, dye and all.  Was it worth it?  I don't know.  My symptoms went away by morning, but I had already taken the other two products, so who knows which one, if any, worked?  It could have just gone away over time.  I'll never know for sure because I'm never swallowing vinegar again, even in a small amount, or even with honey.  Not gonna do it!

Six school days left!  Awards ceremonies are today.  I am a presenter.  I don't mind losing class time because, at this point, the natives are restless - times ten!  They have taken their state-mandated tests, and they are mentally done, as are teachers, so it is difficult to teach lessons of any consequence.  It's all about crowd control.

Now for some Coffee Chat at Ink Interrupted
This week, our hostess says,
Congrats - you're the new Ask Abby!!!  What's the first letter you choose to answer? (write the letter and your answer.)

Dear Crabby,
I am failing my English class.  I haven't been turning in my homework, doing class work, or passing the tests.  When I asked my teacher for extra credit, she said no.  Why does she want me to fail?
Signed, Confused in Clear Lake.

Dear Confused,
You really are confused!  Your teacher does not want you to fail.  She probably didn't offer you extra credit because you are supposed to do the regular credit assignments first.  She has no reason to believe you will do the extra work since you didn't do the regular work when it was assigned.  And should you have waited until the last two weeks of school to become concerned?  I think not.
Sincerely, Crabby

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  1. My hat is off to teachers all of the year, but especially now. One teacher whose advice i read said to never smile before Christmas and teach them everything they need to know before Easter, and i think she was right.

    Good luck, and i hope you have a fabulous summer break!

  2. Very funny, and, unfortunately, so true! As for tummy pain, I am a chronic reflux/heart burn sufferer. I recently went off all medication and have found that if I am suffering, a couple of Gaviscon with a glass of water and then a cup of chamomile tea with a drop of peppermint oil does the trick.

  3. Oh ewww, yeah no... I can't believe you tried it!! LOL You're braver than I. I only use that stuff to catch fruit flies!! Works like a charm there.

    Ha - your letter is perfect! I can only imagine the sudden "whoops" on many student faces. Good job - hopefully they will learn for next year


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