Friday, May 16, 2014

Friday Confessions

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I confess:

I am not ready for senior Sunday at church.  I still have to make the memory/photo boards for the table, decorations, and write bios.  And remember, I have twins, so I have to do two of everything.

I confess:

I am not ready for all the sad things I will have to deal with in the near future:  Last awards program, last FFA banquet, graduation.

I confess:

I am not ready for the graduation party I agreed to host for the kids and family.  Menu, decorations, music, invitations, etc.!  I need ideas!

I confess:

I am not ready for my kids to be out of high school.  One is staying here and thinking about going to college.  The other is headed 6 1/2 hours away to college, and I AM NOT READY!



  1. With them being your last too I am sure it is tough. What are you thinking about for graduation? You mentioned less than their 16th birthday party.

    My Confessions this week...I am ready for a new year. I confess, 2014 really sucks royally for me.

  2. Awww...I'm sure these accomplishments are bittersweet. Great to see them growing up. Sad to see they aren't little any more.

    Thanks for joining me for the Friday Confessional party.


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