Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Confessions

I confess...

I have not been doing well with my sticky notes (encouraging messages I leave wherever I go).  This is one thing I wanted to do for Lent rather than giving something up.

I am, however, doing my daily crunches.

I feel like I have wasted my spring break this year.  It's back to school on Monday, and we haven't really done much.  We went to dinner theater one night, and I went to the movies once, but that's about it.  Could be because my daughter got her wisdom teeth out, though.  Poor thing.

I feel a little guilty that my husband and I are going on a four day trip to Las Vegas in May and leaving the "kids" here.  They're plenty old enough to take care of themselves, but I still feel guilty.  Isn't that what moms do best?

I'm a little freaked out about this missing Malaysia flight.  I hope they figure out what happened soon, and I pray for the safety of the passengers.

I also admit that it reminds me a lot of the plot of "Lost," which was once one of my favorite TV shows.

I'm addicted to Bride-Day shows on The Learning Channel.  (Say Yes to the Dress, Something Borrowed/Something New, and so on)  I could watch those shows all day!  I love looking at all the wedding dresses!

On the other hand, I admit to being a die-hard Rockets fan.  Dresses and basketball.  Go figure!

What are you confession today?  I was going to link up, but the hostess of Friday Confessional still hasn't posted the link.  That irritates me.

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  1. I like the idea for posting inspirational/encouraging messages throughout Lent! I may have to steal that idea for next year!


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