Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Does anyone remember the government shutdown 17 years ago?  I do, and I don't remember it being such a media frenzy like it is now.  I also remember that it was over fairly quickly, and we were none the worse for wear in the long run.

A few, quick bi-partisan thoughts about our current impasse...

I don't believe Congress as a whole will enact legislation that is in the best interests of the Average Joe if that legislation does not affect them.  Perhaps their salaries should be suspended until an agreement is reached.

I am wondering for whom the Affordable Care Act is going to be affordable and why Congress has exempted themselves from it.

If our nation runs with all of these non-essential services suspended, do we really need them?  Exactly what does non-essential mean?

And last, I wonder if the rest of the world is laughing at the US.  If we can't run our own government, what makes us think we can take over other country's governments or tell them how to run theirs?

No matter what, I am glad to be an American!


  1. I don't remember. I too think it is strange that Congress is exempted.

  2. I remember and you are soooooo right - it was NOT a media frenzy, nor were "political" statements made by interfering with private enterprises just because they sat on federal land. From what I've read about the Anti-deficiency law, using the money they did to close down open air malls, the ocean and private businesses is in direct conflict of that law. Why isn't the media asking about that?

    I absolutely love your questions - the questions that the media SHOULD HAVE been asking. If they vote it in for American citizens than they should also abide by it.

    And here's a question for you - how did they vote it in that THEY it is against the law to withhold their pay? Shouldn't something like that have been on a ballot for the American people to vote on?


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