Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We Want to Know

Trying WWTK for my second time.  Thanks for providing the questions Scriptor, Jenn, Chelsea, Jo, Mamarazzi, and Crazymomma.

1.  Hmm, I’d love to know how many tattoos our readers/bloggers have and if they don’t, do they want one and of what?
I have none and want none.
2.  What is the best present you ever received?

That's a difficult question.  It was probably last Christmas when my mom gave me her diamond earrings, the ones my dad had given her.

3.  Tall dark and handsome or pretty boys?

Probably neither.  I don't like boys who are cuter than I am, and the tall, dark, and handsome type is usually too mysterious for me.  Besides, I'm happy with who I've got!

4.  How did you meet your significant other?
My husband and I met online on a site that no longer exists.  This was before and eharmony.  You used to have to place personal ads.  We used a site called  We started chatting via email in November 2001.  By January, we started communicating on the phone and arranged our first date.

5.  What question would you like to see featured on a future WWTK?

I want to know if your family members and friends in real life read your blog.


  1. Wow! Another one who had luck finding love on-line...seems to be so many posting about it today! I haven't been so lucky!!

  2. great story of how you met and good question

  3. the internet is a great place to meet. i think people who meet on the internet probably know eachother better than some people that meet in real life and then get married fast.

    Diamonds are awesome. even more awesome when they come from someone you love. heirlooms= extra awesome!

    thanks for linking up. your question is awesome for #5. my friends and family totally read, or they used to before i got lazy about posting. i hate that my mother in law and other relatives read but never say they do, they just lurk. annoys the heck out of me but i can't post that if this question gets used. you know how it is. ugh!

    anyway. thanks again and thanks for stopping by!

  4. a few family members read my blog but i guess it's mostly strangers!

  5. ooh, good question! No one who I know in real life reads my blog... that's how I got into trouble with my last blog! I allow a very select few to know my real name, but most don't even know that!

  6. Yet another success story for on-line dating!

    Interesting question for # 5

  7. umm honey, you have a VERY old button up there. you can grab the NEW one with my fabulous co host on it on my blog. thanks.

    yay for meeting our men

    LOL @ your answer for #3...hilarious. i love you!!

    thanks for linking up. sorry i am so slow getting here!! we grabbed your question for a future WWTK, thanks!!


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