Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thirteen

Welcome to Thursday Thirteen Link up and play along if you'd like.

These are the top 13 things that I do with my smartphone.
1. Phone Calls (duh!)
2. Text Messaging (I'd rather text than talk, usually)
3. Facebook (just to check in, or when I get bored)
4. Email (I primarily use my computer for this, but when I am on the go, and I need it, it's there.)
5. Calendar (LOVE that it sends me reminders!)
6. Alarm Clock (Couldn't wake up in the morning without it!)
7. Words with Friends (Like Scrabble)
8. Hanging with Friends (A fancy way to play Hangman)
9. Draw Something (I just started using this.  I'm a terrible artist, but it's fun.)
10. Maps/GPS (Love that "Thelma" can get me where I'm going.)
11. Flashlight (for those in-the-dark-emergencies)
12. Color Note (It's like a virtual post-it note for my lists.)
13. Camera (I prefer my regular camera, but this one is always handy, and if I want to directly upload to facebook, it's so easy.)

What apps do you use?


  1. Obviously a phone isn't just a phone anymore. My post is all about getting organized this week.

  2. Sold! I need one of these handy gadgets.

  3. One of these days I will give in and get a smart phone. But I keep resisting. I don't want the addiction!

  4. You'll love your smart phone!

    Have a great Thursday!


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