Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Interesting Observations at Church

Tonight at church during my Bible Institute class - The Life of Christ - we learned of Jesus' compassion and his ability to drop what he was doing to help someone in need - for example, he was teaching when the paralytic was lowered to him through the ceiling. Instead of getting mad that his teaching was interrupted, he was glad to help the man.

Well, tonight, my 13 year old step-daughter interrupted while I was downloading some photos for cheerleading and science projects, and I dropped it to comfort her. I think that's what Jesus would have wanted me to do. Her boyfriend had broken up with her (for the second time), but instead of an I-told-you-so, I felt like I gave her the hugs, love, and encouragement she needed. No told-you-so's. I feel so happy that I was there for her with love and compassion. And it just seemed like the timing was so "there" that it was a way for me to demonstrate what I had learned. I'm not saying I'm like Jesus - nowhere near! I'm just saying it felt good to show her love and compassion and not preach to her. I feel like it went well. I hope that it was a help to her in some small way. Seems small, but it made me feel good.

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