Saturday, September 16, 2006

Teenage Dilemma

The fastest way to get a girl and guy to go out together is to tell them they can't, right? So how do you get a girl and guy to NOT want to see each other?

They've known each other a long time. They've treated each other well. They've treated each other like crap. She lost her virginity to him. They've both dated other people, maybe even had sex with other people, at least I know he has. Now, they're talking again. He's just going to hurt her again, I know! He's a thug. She has the potential to be a great nurse or even doctor. He's stuck in a trailer park in Conroe 50 miles away. She's considering college next year. Different worlds. And to look at them, there is no apparent attraction, and it's not as though other people don't want to go out with them.

So, I can't logically analyze it, but I know they don't belong together. He holds her back from achieving her goals. What's a parent or step-parent to do? Sit back and watch the mistake unfold for the third time? Or will this make the fourth time? I've lost count. How do you get a co-dependent to leave the "dependee" behind and look toward what could be a bright future?

Much of what has happened around our house the last day or so can be attributed to this nonsense.

I know when I was 17/18, I thought I knew everything. Of course, I know now that I didn't, but I was stubborn like her. I couldn't really see what the future held, and I didn't realize some things that held me back.

If the quickest way to get a couple together is to tell them they can't, what's the quickest, least painful way to get them to break up? Anyone? Suggestions? Help!

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