Sunday, February 12, 2006

Just stuff

I am tired. We've had a little more drama around here. I guess that's to be expected when you have teenagers in the house. My 9 year olds are already sassy, rolling their eyes at me, minding only part of the time. I hate to see when they are teenagers. It's not going to be pretty!

The 13 year old is somewhat moody - normal for a 7th grade girl. The 17 year old is, well, 17. Nuff said. I have decided that I am just going to let her be. If she makes mistakes, I hope they're not huge ones, but she doesn't have as much supervision or guidance as I think a 17 year old should, and she has no work ethic. She has a year of high school left, then it's on to the "real" world, and she's going to have some rude awakenings, I think.

I'm going to share my laundry pet peeve with you. It is when the kids (any or all of them) leave their underwear inside their pants or jeans when they take them off or when they have one leg inside out. I'd rather it be either both in or both out.

I realized is that I need to get back into taekwondo or some other sort of activity where I can work out my frustration as well as get back into shape. Any suggestions? I don't think my bones and muscles can take the impact of taekwondo anymore, and I definitely don't want to spar, but I need the workout. Jazzercise just doesn't do anything for me anymore. Got any ideas?

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